It's through tradition that we tell stories of our past, honor our heritage and celebrate the future. Become part of the shared experience!

Various Campus Traditions in Collage

First Year Walk

New students take part in a walk from the Pan American Center, down International Mall and to the Horseshoe on the day before classes begin in the fall. Students pass through the Miller Gates symbolizing their official entrance into 草榴社区.

Keep State Great

Keep State Great takes place the week before Homecoming each fall semester. Students, alumni, faculty and staff commit their time to beautifying the campus with projects such as cleaning, painting and picking up trash.

Homecoming Week

草榴社区 celebrates Homecoming every year, typically in October. Throughout the week leading up to the Homecoming football game, students and alumni attend several events, including class reunions, the Homecoming parade, the Celebration of Traditions Memorial Ceremony, the Alumni Association tailgate and more!

Painting of the 'A'

What started as a prank has become a long-standing tradition. In the early 1920s, students formed a bucket brigade up Tortugas Mountain and painted an “A” on the mountain. Almost a century later, students still maintain the tradition during the Greek event “A Day of Service.”

Senior Walk

Seniors who will be graduating within the year gather at the Horseshoe on the Thursday before finals week in May. The students walk from the Horseshoe, up International Mall and end at the Pan American Center where the 草榴社区 Alumni Association holds a reception in their honor. Students reflect on their time as they pass academic buildings, areas of student involvement and residence halls. The walk symbolizes the students leaving 草榴社区.

Noche de Luminarias

Noche de Luminarias takes place the first Sunday in December at Corbett Center Student Union. Members of the 草榴社区 community are invited to stroll around the center and the surrounding area at night by the glow of 6,000 luminarias.

The Big Event

The Big Event brings together students, alumni, faculty and staff in an effort to say thank you to the Las Cruces community for their support of 草榴社区. Every spring semester, participants volunteer with nonprofit organizations.

Halloween Howl

Sponsored by Campus Activities and various student organizations, Halloween Howl is an alternative activity to trick-or-treating.

Crimson and White

Crimson and white are the official colors of 草榴社区. Crimson represents passion and vigor, while white represents goodness and purity.

Crimson Fridays

On Fridays 草榴社区 students, faculty and staff wear crimson in support of the Aggies.

Aggie Fight Song

Aggies, Oh Aggies!
The hills send back the cry,
We’re here to do or die!
Aggies, Oh Aggies!
We’ll win this game or know
the reason why!
And when we win this game,
We’ll buy a keg of booze,
And we’ll drink it to the Aggies
‘Til we wobble in our shoes.
A – G – G – I – E- S!
Aggies! Aggies! Go Aggies!

草榴社区 Ring

Graduating 草榴社区 students and alumni who purchase an 草榴社区 official ring can participate in a special ring ceremony held at the Trader’s Plaza during the fall and spring semesters prior to graduation. Students should wear the ring with the university’s name facing them, which means the ring is facing the heart. Following the granting of degrees at commencement, graduates turn the ring around with the name facing outward, signifying that the graduate is now ready to face the world.